Tips For Avoiding Self Storage Problems

Having a self-storage unit is a great option for any home owner, particularly in cases where strorage will save you money and help to keep your items safe. Unfortunately, many self-storage owners tend to experience a number of problems that happen very often. We’re going to show you what the average self-storage problems are and how you can avoid them.


One problem is insufficient space in the unit. You can avoid that by doing the following:

-          Get a bookshelf or shelving unit to accommodate your smaller belongings.

-          Make use of hollow objects and use them as storage entities.

-          Disassemble the tables, beds and other furniture.

-          Vacuum seal fabrics.


Another problem is pest infestations. You can prevent that by doing these things:

-          Deter pests by using dryer sheets and placing the in the corners or your units, inside storage containers, etc.

-          Use canvas drop cloths to cover the floor and walls.

-          Make sure that you keep your unit and the items you store inside it, thoroughly clean.


Yet another problem is moisture and humidity in the unit. Do these things and you can avoid these problems:

-          Use plastic containers for some of your items, instead of carbdboard boxes, because cardboard can deteriorate very quickly.

-          Place a bucket of charchoal inside your unit, so  that it can absorb moisture in the air.

-          Throw baking soda on the items that you have cleaned with water after you let them dry thoroughly.

-          Leave space between your items so that air can pass between them.


Another common problem may be that of inability to access items and you can stop this by doing the following:

-          Ensure that you create an isle going through the centre of your items.

-          Label all the items in your unit.

-          Move your heavy items around using furniture sliders.

-          Keep an inventory of the items you store away.


Damaged items is another problem that is commonly experienced in self-storage units. You can stop this from even happening if you do the following:

-          Use bubble wrap to protect your fragile items.

-          Make sure to fill your boxes adequately to stop items from shifting and breaking.

-          If a box is fragile, make sure that you label it clearly.

-          Avoid placing other items on top of fragile boxes and place them in the unit last.


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